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Signatures Collected Since February 22, 2014 – 410/3000

What is a Referendum?

It is an initiative originated by a petition of citizens to offer the electorate an option to either accept or reject a proposal. (Utah’s Requirements)

Why a Referendum on Provo’s BRT?

Provo has been engaged in efforts to bring Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to the area for over a decade. Multiple stakeholders, Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG), and Provo City Government have been working productively to bring this important infrastructure project to the area. Recently the Municipal Council voted against Route 4, the recommended route and offered additional optional routes for consideration. Unfortunately funding is at risk as there have been strong signals from UTA and MAG that only the route with the highest ridership and lowest cost would qualify for Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) funding of $75 Million and MAG match (see the pdf) match of $75 million. In light of this risk many in the community are trying to preserve a pathway forward to bring BRT to the community and support Route 4.

Our Commitment & Intent

  • It is this group’s hope that the Council will continue to explore ways for this issue to be resolved in a productive way and we want to support that effort.
  • In the event, that solution does not emerge we hope a measure of confidence emerges in the level of community support that a positive path forward and support for Route 4 is communicated.
  • We are grateful for each Council member’s considerable effort to understand and learn about BRT’s advantages and design for our community. And we as a group are committed to forwarding a positive, respectful effort, as we work toward gathering support.


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  • Ryan Frandsen
  • Laura Cabanilla
  • Courtney Clark Kendrick
  • Rachel Whipple
  • Sherrie Hall Everett

From the Blog

Route Comparison

Route 4

  • Lowest cost to build
  • Best cost per rider
  • Serves the MTC
  • Serves the BYU Housing Area
  • Serves BYU students better
  • Fewer transfers, better rider experience
  • Serves key population centers
  • Best BRT access to Stadium and high density areas of campus
  • Minimal interface with neighborhood
  • No operation difficulties

Route 0

  • Ridership is lower, cost is more than option 4
  • Provides secondary service via a shuttle to largest ridership generator on entire route
  • Significant capital/operational cost increase for secondary BYU system
  • Transfers=rider confusion resulting in lower usage for new transit riders
  • Travel time to BYU is increased
  • Shuttle system is not funded
  • Timing and operation of signal at University Ave/University Pkwy may worsen or not be feasible

Route 6

  • Significant redundancy in roadway buildout due to only one block separation
  • Displace 170+ parking places and forces them into the Joaquin neighborhood
  • Creates traffic hazard for pedestrians in the area having to cross two roadways with BRT
  • Does not serve BYU’s new dorm areas or the expanding MTC
  • Leaves important destinations like the Marriott Center and MTC unserved

UTA presentation to the Provo Council

This video link shows the presentation by UTA of the data gathered at the request of the Council for comparing Option 4, Option 0 + a BYU Shuttle, and Option 4 Plus with dual exclusive lanes. We know…not the most exciting of meetings, but there’s a lot of great information about why the route was recommended. The BRT discussion starts at 2:17:30.

  • Facilitates the primary BYU/Provo downtown connection.
  • Provides the most cost effective and productive alignment option
  • Maximized the FTA participation and MAG match in the funding

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